The concept of “Working from home”

The concept of “Working from home”

The concept of “Working from home” has two meanings:

First, You are involved in an industry (mainly software/IT based company) and there are provisions for working from home.

Second, you are working as a freelancer for any company or online market place.

In the first case, mostly you will not get opportunity of working from home daily. There will be certain provisions based on which you will be able to work from home. Or if there is a meeting or special urgent assignments beyond the normal working hours then you may get the opportunity of working from home.

In the second case you work regularly from home. There are both advantages and disadvantages for this.


1. You will manage your time at your own pace. Only thing is that you have to deliver at right time(within or on deadline).
2. You will be in a comfortable place (own home). You can use it as you wish. You can take power nap after each 2-hour work. There is nobody to ask you.
3. You do not need to commute to the office. Now a days there are so rush and crowd that most of your energy are exhausted before reaching office. While returning home you have to face the same situation or even worse. If you work from home your energy is not wasted in this manner. After working hours also you will be full of vitality.
4. If you are able to work properly from home, you need not to experience time waste due to gossiping and chatting with colleagues.
5. You will be able to fully concentrate on work if you are at home(assuming it is not noisy). This will lead to more productivity. The persons loving single rooms or calm working environment will benefit much from it.


1. If you are a sole freelancer then your deliverable products are only the measures for your earning. So you have to focus on it . There are no other options.
2. You need a very good internet connection to work from home otherwise you will not be able to deliver. So internet speed at home matters heavily.
3. Mostly you will work alone. So if any work related problem arises you have to solve on your own.
4. If you are fresher in freelancing (working from home), it takes a long time naturally to get the first assignment.
5. Mostly in freelancing you will be paid online. So there is a problem in payment issue you alone have to deal with it. But if you are working with a good company this issue may be resolved easily.

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